Project Description


A new 250,000 Sq. Ft. High School with multiple additional buildings (i.e. Field House, Ag Shop, Concessions Bldgs, etc.). RWB compiled additional data on RTU, 4-Pipe Chilled/Heating water, and Geothermal system cost and efficiency from multiple other Districts and Midlothian ISD. We then compared the system efficiency, installation cost, and maintenance cost of a 4-Pipe Chilled/Heating water system vs. a Geothermal system. The comparison included the actual annual maintenance contract, water usage, and chemical usage cost from the District’s middle school. RWB then presented these findings to the Architect, Facilities Group, and School Board and the decision was made to pursue a Geothermal system for the main high school.

The high school also incorporates high efficiency lighting design with occupancy sensors and multi-level switching throughout. RWB worked with the Architect to minimize the energy usage (wattage) of the architectural and accent lighting throughout the building. A base bid Metal Halide site lighting and Alternate Bid LED site lighting system were both designed for this facility. Low flow plumbing fixtures are used throughout the facility to minimize water consumption. Additionally, water-to-water heat pumps are used to pre-heat the water to the main water heaters for the locker rooms and kitchen in the main building.

This project was done entirely in Revit MPE.