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RWB consulting engineers specialize in K-12 schools, higher education projects, aviation facilities, municipal structures, and office buildings.

Here in Dallas, every Fall brings three highly-anticipated events: cooler weather, football, and the Texas State Fair.

If you’ve never been, the Texas State Fair isn’t a simple carnival. It’s a Texas-sized celebration of the Lone Star State. Along with the typical fair festivities of amusement rides, midway games, and prized livestock comes a barrage of other activities: unique food and drink, live shows and demonstrations, and plenty of shopping.

Each year, RWB provides entry tickets and food & drink coupons to our entire team. It’s just one of the many unique benefits of working on our team (psst- we’re hiring!). We love to see our employees enjoying local events with their family, friends, and colleagues.

With the fair closing on Sunday, October 20th there’s only a few more days of fun to squeeze in. We asked around the office, and here are the activities you can’t miss at the 2019 Texas State Fair!


You can’t attend the Texas State Fair without seeing Big Tex! Big Tex stands 55 feet tall and he wears a size 96 boot. Be sure to snap a picture with the iconic Big Tex structure near Gate 1.  Or catch one of the hundreds of other Big Tex’s throughout the park, like the Neon Big Tex.


For all the gearheads out there, the Texas Auto Show showcases a broad spectrum of vehicles Whether you’re looking for the latest in-vehicle technology or shopping for your next ride, you’ll get your fill at the Fair. And don’t miss the Classic Corrall, where vintage rides are on display from local car clubs.


Just when you thought that deep-frying had reached its limits. One of our RWB engineers mentioned this snack as the yearly go-to. The signature drink of many DFW residents has manifested into a delicious sweet treat. The sweet tea is frozen into a custard, then coated in graham crackers before being dropped into the fryer.


The livestock show is what separates a simple carnival from a true state fair, so don’t miss out on what Texas farmers have to offer. Plus, the Livestock Show is a platform for impressive youngsters to put their agricultural skills to the test. An RWB employee gives this tip: “Get to the Fair at 7 am for the best parking spots – then head to the Livestock area to see kids compete!” This Saturday, don’t miss the Youth Sheep Skillathon Contest!


Sweeping the Big Tex Choice Awards, it’s no surprise that Ruth’s Stuff Fried Taco Cone was a hit with RWB employees. Ruth’s taco stand near Fletcher’s Corn Dogs has developed plenty of crowd-pleasers over the years, so it’s a sure bet for any fair year. However, the fried taco cone is particularly delicious, with tender barbacoa and fresh pico de gallo. But don’t let the cone format fool you; this dish is pretty messy to eat. Get plenty of napkins!


The big, blue Texas State Fair ferris wheel is one of the more iconic rides at the fair. Since the ride is visible throughout the year as commuters pass on nearby highways, this is a must-visit for many fair visitors. One spin on the wheel is hefty 20 tickets, so be sure you stock up before getting in line. And speaking of the queue, get there early. According to ride operators, the wait time can stretch to nearly two hours. Knock it out as the first ride of the day; get in line just before the Fair opens and you’ll only wait about fifteen minutes.


There’s plenty of beverages to sip on at the fair, but for those looking for an adult alternative, our team recommends the fair-themed beers. Highlights include beers from local breweries: the Community Funnel Cake Ale and the Revolver Corn Dog Ale. These specialty brews come paired with a themed addition. Funnel cake beers are rimmed with powdered sugar, while Corn Dog Ales are slathered with a healthy dose of mustard.


A new attraction this year, the “¡Fiestas de Marionetas!” show is a great way to take a rest in the shade. The show’s theme and music is perfect for kids, but adults will appreciate the hand-painted puppets and skill of the puppeteers. Plus, attendees of all ages will learn more about the culture of Mexico.

Enjoy the 2019 Texas State Fair!

The Texas State Fair is a fun tradition amongst Texans and all of us here at RWB. We hope you’ll take advantage of the few days left of the fair – and the cooler weather!

RWB provides leadership to several industry groups; one such group is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Today, we are sharing two exciting announcements about the involvement of our team members:

Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk

Ken has been elected to ASHRAE’s Board of Directors. He will serve in the Director At Large role from 2020-2023. ASHRAE’s Board of Directors oversees all of ASHRAE’s policies and procedures. The Board of Directors is the deciding group for all of ASHRAE activities, including topics of membership, technology, standards, publishing, finances, associate groups, and more. Ken is no stranger to the Board, as he served previously from 2008-2011 as the Director and Regional Chair representing Region VIII. Ken has a long legacy of leadership in ASHRAE. He has served on a wide variety of committees, such as Society Rules, Nominating, Government Affairs, Finance, Planning, Building Energy Quotient, and Handbook. He is also a past President of the Dallas Chapter.


Headshot image of Nathan Hart, PE

Nathan Hart

Congratulations to RWB Principal Nathan Hart who has been recognized with the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. In his 20+ years as a member, Nathan has given his time to serve the Society and its members. He most recently served as Chair of the Society’s Chapter Technology Transfer Committee, and he is a past President of the Dallas Chapter. We are proud of Nathan’s accomplishments and we are thrilled to see him recognized for his decades of service to this important industry group. Congratulations, Nathan!

At RWB, we are proud of our well-established internship program. Over the course of a semester, engineering interns have the opportunity to learn about MEP engineering. Interns get hands-on experience with design and documentation, as well as accompanying our engineers for job site visits. We are excited to have three interns with us this summer:

Allyson Lux Allyson Lux

School: University of Alabama

Year in School: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Allyson chose the path of a degree in mechanical engineering because she is seeking a career that combines technical and creative skills, while focusing on innovation and improving lives. She is looking forward to spending the summer at RWB learning from our team of skilled engineers. She learned about MEP engineering from a friend’s father, who works in the plumbing side of the industry.

At school, Allyson is involved in many activities including the Society of Women Engineers, Delta Gamma sorority, Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, the Alabama club tennis team. She’d like to leave us with this: “Roll Tide!”


Graham RobertsonGraham Robertson

School: University of Texas at Arlington

Year in School: Senior

Major: Architectural Engineering

Graham decided to pursue an engineering degree after reading books by architect Christopher Alexander. Graham said, “his work and philosophy inspired me to pursue a degree that would enable me to further the vision of “a living world” through innovations in design and construction.” In the future, Graham hopes to work on construction projects that help people in economically blighted neighborhoods.

In his free time, Graham sings baritone for the UT Arlington choir, enjoys making music, riding bikes, and chatting with strangers.


Taylor TrowerTaylor Trower

School: University of Texas at Arlington

Year in School: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Taylor  always loved to tinker and take things apart to see how they work. She said, “I took an engineering class my junior year of high school I knew that’s what I wanted to do.” On-campus, Taylor works with a undergraduate research team on dynamics. This summer she is hoping to gain real-world work experience in the engineering industry.

Outside of work and school, Taylor loves to bike alongside the Trinity. She loves to cook and garden, and she is always ready to take on a DIY project!

On August 23 and 24, 2019 the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of ASPE held the Basic Plumbing Design Course at the PCETX Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Michael Danielson, Senior Associate at RWB, served as the course instructor.  He has a wealth of plumbing design experience in healthcare, municipal, multifamily, and institutional designs.

The Basic Plumbing Design Course is a 14-hour design training class. The curriculum is intended to educate designers on the basics of plumbing design. The coursework covers plumbing terminology, trade tendencies, history of the professional, and fundamental plumbing calculations.

Over 40 designers and engineers from the DFW area attended the course last week, including attendees from multiple other design firms in the area. Among the attendees were three engineers from the RWB mechanical team seeking to expand their skill set.



Typically, plumbing design is not taught as a part of any engineering degree program. So, most plumbing designers learn from on-the-job experience. In many cases, gathering such experience is not feasible. For example, if a design engineer works in a firm that doesn’t offer plumbing services, the amount of education on plumbing design and best practices would be limited.

Another important reason for a plumbing design course is for coordination amongs disciplines.  Anyone that works in building design and construction would agree that colleagues in different trades could do more to learn about each others’ work. So, although some attendees of a plumbing design course may never design plumbing systems themselves, learning about the fundamentals can be immensely beneficial to their work.




At RWB, we encourage our team to participate in local industry groups. Through these groups, our employees are able to learn from the experiences of other design teams. Additionally, our employees serve in volunteer leadership roles in many different organizations. For one, Michael Danielson volunteers as the Education Chairman of the DFW ASPE Chapter. As volunteer leaders, our team is able to gain valuable teamwork experience that can apply to our own work. Also, volunteering or speaking at industry events is one way we are able to expand our reach and share our knowledge with the greater engineering community.


RWB offers high-quality engineering services to the North Texas area and beyond, including mechanical, engineering, and plumbing design services. Our team is not only committed to learning the latest in plumbing design, we’re the ones teaching the course on the subject. For a plumbing system designed by the experts, contact RWB.

The plumbing team at RWB Consulting Engineers poses for a photo


Project Moves on to Regional Competition

This week, the Dallas Chapter of ASHRAE recognized RWB Consulting Engineers for exceptional HVAC design. Denton ISD’s Ray Braswell High School earned the chapter’s Technology Award for New Educational Facilities.

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievement in mechanical system design and operation. While other programs such as LEED recognize buildings for minimizing energy usage, the Technology Award celebrates designs with a holistic approach.

Winners of the technology award demonstrate competency and success in applying effective strategies for:

  • Energy management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Operational cost effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Environmental impact

RWB Consulting Engineers is well-known for their experience in successful K-12 MEP design, with Braswell High School being particularly exemplary.

Leaders of the Dallas Chapter presented the award on Wednesday, February 12th. As seen on the photo below, several members of the RWB leadership team were on-hand to accept the award.

RWB Consulting Engineers wins ASHRAE Dallas Technology Award

Contact us for K-12 MEP Engineering Services


In Little Elm, Texas, this new facility for over 2,600 students in 9-12th grade opened in August 2016.

The HVAC design for Braswell High School features a geothermal system with over 1,100 wells serving 239 heat pumps. With so many wells, our team broke the geothermal system up into smaller well fields that serve different areas of the building. Ground source heat pumps were piped in parallel for redundancy. And three-way valves installed at the extremity of each lunch ensure proper water flow and temperature during operation.

Our team used an innovative humidity control system in high-latent areas like the auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Using a unique hot gas reheat system, the air in these spaces can be dehumidified without having to reject any heat to the associated well field. In addition, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) were used in tandem with carbon dioxide sensors to provide the precise amount of fresh air to spaces. Both design strategies contribute to improved occupant comfort and reduced energy consumption.

This isn’t the first time that the design team for Braswell High School has been recognized. In 2017, the Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Board’s Exhibit of School Architecture awarded architecture firm VLK with the Design and Value award.



The Dallas Chapter of ASHRAE accepts nominations each year for their Technology Award competition. They can recognize multiple MEP engineering firms in 19 different categories as shown in the bulleted list below below.

As the winner of the Chapter award, this project will move to the Regional competition. RWB faces competition from other ASHRAE Chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mexico. The regional judging committee will announce the winner of the region competition during the Chapter Regional Conference in April 2020.

ASHRAE Dallas Technology Award Winner 2019-2020

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On June 19, 2019, RWB Consulting Engineers celebrated 33 years of operation. Our entire staff spent took the afternoon off to enjoy some time together at Topgolf Dallas.

Everyone tried their hand at the deceptively easy driving range games. We’ll admit that some of our engineers are more experienced – and more competitive- than others. For the rest of us, there was plenty of food and drink to go around. Plus, nearby our assigned party area were some garden games for added entertainment. Special thanks to our office manager and marketing coordinator Brooke for organizing the event! She took great care in bringing the RWB-themed decorations and ensuring this party was one for all to remember!

We greatly value the history of our firm and the work of our clients. In recent years, our team has grown to over 50 people. Our team supports projects across all sectors from K-12 to aviation. And, we are still growing. We have plenty of career opportunities available to engineers looking to be a part of our dynamic history.

Since the very beginning, RWB Consulting Engineers has aimed to put client first. We take this commitment very seriously, working every day to ensure client satisfaction. In this way we know we will not only meet the goals of our clients, but also our own goal: repeat business with satisfied clients. We know we have done our job when Owners choose to work with RWB Consulting Engineeers for MEP engineering a second, third, fourth, or fiftieth time.

We are grateful for our 33 years here at RWB, and hope for plenty more to celebrate in the coming years!

In late December, the construction team responsible for the Southwest Airlines Wings aviation project was honored with an industry award.  

McCarthy Building Companies Inc. took home the prize for the 2019 Distinguished Building Award presented by the Construction Industry Association/TEXO. This project beat out competition from other massive projects, competing the category of buildings with construction costs in excess of $75 million.

Criteria for the award included:

  • Difficulty in construction
  • Original construction techniques involved
  • Final appearance
  • Quality of the finished product
  • Timeliness of the project’s completion

RWB is proud to be a part of the design team for this award-winning aviation project.

About the Project: SWA Wings Complex

Southwest Airlines recently built a new, 865,000 square foot building complex just southwest of the Dallas Love-Field Airport. This enormous multi-building facility includes several unique features, including:

  • Four-story Flight Training Center to improve and expand pilot training
  • Six-story office facility including modern amenities and layout for SWA employees
  • A 1950-space parking garage for plenty of capacity
  • A pedestrian sky bridge spanning 400 feet connecting the new building to the existing SWA campus

The project broke ground in spring 2016. Construction was completed two years later in spring 2018.  

RWB Consulting Engineers: MEP Engineering for Award-Winning Aviation Projects

At RWB, one of our core areas of expertise is aviation projects, including flight training academies, flight simulators, airports, office buildings, and hangars. Because of our long history with the airline industry, we are well-versed in every airline’s standard of engineering design and construction.

We treat every air transportation project with the same level of accuracy, detail, and attention required to win awards. If you would like to speak with one of our principals about your next aviation project, please contact us.