American Airlines flight simulators exterior
American Airlines flight simulators interior
American Airlines flight simulators underneath

Project Overview

The American Airlines Flight Training Academy is home to multiple commercial airplane simulators. Based near the DFW airport, pilots are regularly trained and tested in this facility to handle both everyday and challenging flight operations.

  • Aviation simulator facility
  • New construction and additions
  • Multiple projects

Project Details

RWB is the Dallas/Fort Worth expert in aviation design projects. Since 2008,  RWB has retrofitted seven new simulators into the existing American Airlines Flight Training Academy. We have also designed two additions to the facility which house four simulators each.

In continued partnership with American Airlines, we have completed other facility upgrades such as switchboard replacement, breathable air installations, and HVAC modernization projects.

With simulators costing around $20 million apiece, the design for the building systems to support simulators must be handled with great care.  RWB is exceptionally familiar with the requirements for these kinds of aviation facilities have specific design requirements, such as:

  • Grounding and fire protection requirements
  • The pre-flight briefing, instructor viewing, and post-simulation debriefing rooms
  • Cooling and power for multiple data rooms
  • In-simulator cabin cooling for pilots

With thousands of aviation projects with all major airlines, RWB is well-equipped with the expertise to provide a successful design.

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