Globe Life Field Under Construction with Cranes
An engineer from RWB Consulting Engineers reviews Arc Flash information

Globe Life Field

Project Overview

The future home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field is a baseball park currently under construction in Arlington, TX.

  • 1.7M Square Feet
  • Total Construction Cost of $1.1B
  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage
  • Electrical Short Circuit Coordination Study
  • Arc Flash Study

Project Details

Globe Life Field is a state-of-the-art ballpark stadium that will replace the existing Globe Life Park across the street. The ballpark is 1.7 million square feet, has an attendance capacity of 40,000, and a total construction cost of $1.1B. RWB Consulting Engineers provided a number of services on this exciting project for the DFW Metro area.

RWB provided electrical short circuit coordination and an arc flash study on the project.  The short circuit study models the current that flows in the power system under abnormal conditions. The model will determine the prospective fault currents in the electrical power system.  The accuracy of these results is essential because they are used to specify electrical device withstand and interrupting ratings.

The protective device coordination study has two purposes. First, to ensure that the protective devices open or “trip” in a timely manner to minimize damage to system components. The other goal is to allow protective devices to open in a specific order so that a facility sees a minimal interruption of electrical service under a fault condition.

The arc flash hazard analysis was performed to estimate: (1) arc flash boundary distance, (2) arc flash incident energy at typical working distances, and (3) the required level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at each equipment in the distribution low voltage systems.

RWB Consulting Engineers overlooking the construction at Globe Life Field

Electrical Engineering Coordination

The electrical contractor on the Globe Life Field project, JMEG, hired RWB Consulting Engineers to provide these studies. Electrical studies require close coordination with the electrical contractor. We review the electrical drawings as supplied by the electrical design team, and model the system in a computer software program. Additionally, the contractor proves us with additional details that the electrical designer wouldn’t have known in the design phase. For example, JMEG provided us equipment submittals and feeder lengths on this project.

All of this information is modeled to provide an analysis of these systems. Combined with our expertise in electrical design and operation, RWB provided settings for all the circuit breakers. As a result, should a fault ever occur, a less critical circuit will be tripped before more critical circuits.

Medium-Voltage Electrical Engineering Services

This project presented engineering challenges in both size and scope. While most buildings only have low voltage systems, Globe Life Field has a number of medium voltage (4,160V) and low voltage (480V and 208V) electrical systems.

Medium-voltage (MV) electrical distribution systems require particular care in both design and review. Because they are only common in large commercial complex type projects, only the most experienced electrical engineers can tackle medium voltage systems.

Electrical Engineering Services for Roof Mechanization Systems

RWB is also providing similar studies for the roof mechanization system, this time in partnership with Uni-Systems Engineering.  The roof at Globe Life Field will be the first of its kind in baseball. Fans of the Texas Rangers will be able to enjoy the pleasure of baseball in the comfort of air conditioning. The roof can retract in a matter of minutes, bringing the outdoors to the ballpark experience.

RWB is one of the first firms to provide electrical studies on a retractable roof for a professional sports venue. Because roof mechanization systems are a modern luxury, there isn’t a wealth of experience to draw upon for these projects. However, our depth of experience in similar large-scale projects enabled the electrical team at RWB to successfully evaluate the electrical systems on the roof mechanization system.