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On August 23 and 24, 2019 the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of ASPE held the Basic Plumbing Design Course at the PCETX Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Michael Danielson, Senior Associate at RWB, served as the course instructor.  He has a wealth of plumbing design experience in healthcare, municipal, multifamily, and institutional designs.

The Basic Plumbing Design Course is a 14-hour design training class. The curriculum is intended to educate designers on the basics of plumbing design. The coursework covers plumbing terminology, trade tendencies, history of the professional, and fundamental plumbing calculations.

Over 40 designers and engineers from the DFW area attended the course last week, including attendees from multiple other design firms in the area. Among the attendees were three engineers from the RWB mechanical team seeking to expand their skill set.



Typically, plumbing design is not taught as a part of any engineering degree program. So, most plumbing designers learn from on-the-job experience. In many cases, gathering such experience is not feasible. For example, if a design engineer works in a firm that doesn’t offer plumbing services, the amount of education on plumbing design and best practices would be limited.

Another important reason for a plumbing design course is for coordination amongs disciplines.  Anyone that works in building design and construction would agree that colleagues in different trades could do more to learn about each others’ work. So, although some attendees of a plumbing design course may never design plumbing systems themselves, learning about the fundamentals can be immensely beneficial to their work.




At RWB, we encourage our team to participate in local industry groups. Through these groups, our employees are able to learn from the experiences of other design teams. Additionally, our employees serve in volunteer leadership roles in many different organizations. For one, Michael Danielson volunteers as the Education Chairman of the DFW ASPE Chapter. As volunteer leaders, our team is able to gain valuable teamwork experience that can apply to our own work. Also, volunteering or speaking at industry events is one way we are able to expand our reach and share our knowledge with the greater engineering community.


RWB offers high-quality engineering services to the North Texas area and beyond, including mechanical, engineering, and plumbing design services. Our team is not only committed to learning the latest in plumbing design, we’re the ones teaching the course on the subject. For a plumbing system designed by the experts, contact RWB.

The plumbing team at RWB Consulting Engineers poses for a photo


Project Moves on to Regional Competition

This week, the Dallas Chapter of ASHRAE recognized RWB Consulting Engineers for exceptional HVAC design. Denton ISD’s Ray Braswell High School earned the chapter’s Technology Award for New Educational Facilities.

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievement in mechanical system design and operation. While other programs such as LEED recognize buildings for minimizing energy usage, the Technology Award celebrates designs with a holistic approach.

Winners of the technology award demonstrate competency and success in applying effective strategies for:

  • Energy management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Operational cost effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Environmental impact

RWB Consulting Engineers is well-known for their experience in successful K-12 MEP design, with Braswell High School being particularly exemplary.

Leaders of the Dallas Chapter presented the award on Wednesday, February 12th. As seen on the photo below, several members of the RWB leadership team were on-hand to accept the award.

RWB Consulting Engineers wins ASHRAE Dallas Technology Award

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In Little Elm, Texas, this new facility for over 2,600 students in 9-12th grade opened in August 2016.

The HVAC design for Braswell High School features a geothermal system with over 1,100 wells serving 239 heat pumps. With so many wells, our team broke the geothermal system up into smaller well fields that serve different areas of the building. Ground source heat pumps were piped in parallel for redundancy. And three-way valves installed at the extremity of each lunch ensure proper water flow and temperature during operation.

Our team used an innovative humidity control system in high-latent areas like the auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Using a unique hot gas reheat system, the air in these spaces can be dehumidified without having to reject any heat to the associated well field. In addition, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) were used in tandem with carbon dioxide sensors to provide the precise amount of fresh air to spaces. Both design strategies contribute to improved occupant comfort and reduced energy consumption.

This isn’t the first time that the design team for Braswell High School has been recognized. In 2017, the Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Board’s Exhibit of School Architecture awarded architecture firm VLK with the Design and Value award.



The Dallas Chapter of ASHRAE accepts nominations each year for their Technology Award competition. They can recognize multiple MEP engineering firms in 19 different categories as shown in the bulleted list below below.

As the winner of the Chapter award, this project will move to the Regional competition. RWB faces competition from other ASHRAE Chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mexico. The regional judging committee will announce the winner of the region competition during the Chapter Regional Conference in April 2020.

ASHRAE Dallas Technology Award Winner 2019-2020

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